10 Black Creatives to Support All Year Long

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Happy Black History Month! This month, we’re paying homage to our favorite black creators making waves on and beyond social media. These artists, MUAs and content creators draw outside the lines and refuse to be put in boxes, often dabbling in several creative pursuits that never disappoint. With wicked-sharp artistic skills and the personalities to boot, there’s never been a better time to thank our #FluideFam members who bring life to our products. The makeup space is more diverse, inclusive, and dynamic than ever before, and though there’s still a ways to go, these artists pave the way for a better, brighter, more Fluide future.  

Kareem (@facedbykareem)


Kareem, raised in Queens, first ventured into makeup at 21 years old. Now, 5 years later, he has led groundbreaking collaborations and has been featured publications like Essence, Allure, Elle, and WWD. Always advocating for relevant causes and uplifting his fellow black creators, he’s always on our radar for excellence. 




Kiera (@kieraplease)


We came for the cosplay, we stayed for the music! That’s right, Kiera is pushing boundaries across multiple platforms. Originating in the cosplay community, Kiera has grown her following by embodying her favorite characters from the 90s and 2000s, using makeup to accentuate that fictional finesse. Oh yeah, and she’s currently venturing into the music industry, with colorful eclectic-pop vocals. 





Miles Jai (@miles_jai)

Miles Jai

Miles captures the bright zeitgeist in the beauty and fashion space, with a focus on creating or replicating out-of-this-world characters that reflect the persona within. What this means, really, is their beauty and fashion looks are on point and always relevant. And, as a professional weaveologist and makeup enthusiast, their technique is just as on point as their personality.





Eren (@peachmelk)


Blending between cosplay, beauty and gaming, their bubblegum pink persona plays into each character they embody, and of course, uses makeup as a way of easy expression. Eren redefines traditional cosplay and beauty looks in perfect online relevance. 





Darius (@neonmua


Darius works tirelessly as a MUA, influencer and consultant for brands to advocate for more diverse faces in the beauty industry. Darius was a co-founder of the #colourpopmeblack movement, which swept through social media to seriously challenge ColourPop and other makeup companies to platform black artists and pay credit where credit is due. 




Thaddeus  (@hippypotter

Hippy Potter

Thaddeus, aka Hippy Potter, is an up-and-coming illustrator, motion designer, model and social justice advocate. He collaborated on our Pride Collection and constantly creates stunning graphics that celebrate black culture and history. His feel-good attitude is just one more reason to follow him and his work.






Priss (@brattydisco)

Bratty Disco

Priss is a musical artist and painter with training in art, art history, and theater. Their expression goes beyond the page (paper and Spotify), however: As a content creator in the beauty and fashion space, they’re constantly creating out-of-this-world looks that reflect their personality. Catch them on social media every now and then, too! 




Hawwaa (@hellohawwaa)

Hello Hawwaa

Hawwaa is an NYC-based fashion designer and influencer, and bright, colorful makeup has always been their calling card. They’re also a fantastic  Tik Tok content creator for Fluide! On top of their incredible fashion and makeup, Hawwaa is also the founder of  Because, a clothing brand dedicated to inclusivity. 





Jasmine (@jasandherson)

Jasand Herson

Jasmine is also an NYC-based fashion designer, graphic artist, and content creator for Fluide. Her signature calling card is a flawless, glowing complexion with subtle, colorful details. Her mission is to use her voice and talent to make positive change through each of her projects. Jasmine also sells incredible clothing, stickers, and phone cases on her website





Dev Doee (@devdoee)


Dev is our very own Creative Director & Chief Creative Officer, constantly striving to make Fluide more colorful, eccentric and inclusive. Their aesthetic direction, whether for Fluide or their own personal projects, is always witty, bright and positively on-point.  Dev has been featured in numerous publications such as Allure, Paper, Them, Refinery29, and has spoken about inclusivity in the beauty industry at events like SXSW and Samsung 837. An accomplished dancer, actor, and makeup enthusiast, there is no stopping them!

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