BTS with 'Proud Together' Illustrator Hippy Potter

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This June, we’re uniting as one as a force for change. We are Proud Together. 

Being proud together is more than a slogan for our Pride set, it's a mantra and a path towards a world of unconditional justice. It's the magic that makes our glitters so special and our artists so passionate about what they do. We are beyond excited to let you in on the making of the Proud Together set, a collection that stands for unity and resilience, in a bold voice and full color.

We wanted our Pride month to be as collaborative as possible, and full of exuberance, positivity and brightness. So it reallyonly makes sense we went straight to Hippy Potter, the viral digital illustrator dedicated to spreading joy wherever he goes via bubbly and colorful graphics with powerful meanings. Behind Hippy Potter is Thaddeus Coates, a 25 year old—get ready for this—digital illustrator, children’s book illustrator, artist, dancer, and model in New York City. While he finds joy in artwork, color, and expression, he pretty easily convinces anyone who looks at his work to find that joy as well.  

Thaddeus starts with a goal to revolutionize and further inspire through his art; in his words, “art that is a present with a presence.” During Pride month, he’s dedicating most of his time towards creating colorful yet informative infographics on racial injustice and LGBTQ+ history, a few of which have, understandably, gone viral. 

My goal is to inspire and to mobilize; There are so many ways we can help and be productive, and that looks different for everybody. I want to educate, and create a space to start these polarizing conversations,” Says Coates. For the Proud Together collection, the ultimate goal was “to create something that truly went beyond rainbow capitalism.” Says Fluide Creative Director Dev Seldon.  “We really wanted to honor the celebratory aspects of Pride because Pride is a beautiful thing, but with quarantine happening we really made it a priority to create a sense of community." 

Thaddeus, frequently inspired by music, movement and sound, started listening to “vintage Janelle Monae and lots of Santigold” to capture the essence of the collection. “Since the brand is so celestial and futuristic, I envisioned something very galactic but, with a deep sense of family and community. Something that really spoke to the mantra Proud Together.” 


On creating a shirt for everyone, Seldon says, “We worked really hard with Thaddeus to create a diverse group of characters on the shirt to reflect the beautiful faces of our community.” Mission successful—the tee shirt shows an illustrated depiction of our Fluide Fam waving the pride flag in front of a sparkling intergalactic backdrop.

While makeup is often all about individualism, it can be easy to feel left out of the pack. But by fortifying a strong message of unity and togetherness, we want you to know that not only will we fight for justice and equity, but that you will always be a part of our Fam—all year 'round.

“If we aren't challenging society's social norms, how could we ever truly want change? Also, there is an inclusion and intersectionality that
needs to happen in order for us to truly come together,” Coates powerfully states. 

For a limited time, you can purchase Fluide’s Proud Together Set, which exemplifies the magic of collaborative efforts in queer spaces. The set of three includes a rainbow chunky glitter mix, our best selling Universal Gloss and the commemorative t-shirt. Ten percent of all sales will go to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, an organization dedicated to protecting and elevating black trans people.MPJI seeks to eradicate systemic, community, and physical violence that silences our community from actualizing freedom, joy, and safety. 

Until the LGBTQ+ community can exist justly, it is more important than ever to uplift these queer voices and talent. Check out Hippy Potter on Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and buy his art here.

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