All of Your Glitter Fears, De-Bunked

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Last time, we talked about over-the-top makeup—and exactly why it’s so relevant right now. Maximalism is eye-catchingly everywhere. Of course, the god of all maximalism, and one of the biggest trends of 2020, isglitter. Glitter comes in many forms: out of a wand, in a pot or in a palette. It’s also pretty versatile. Whether you put it on your cheeks, around your eyes, or in your hair, glitter can go the distance.

Glitter is easy to shy away from, because of its flashiness and reputation for being difficult to apply. But frankly, glitter is like retinol or a set of tarot cards: Intimidating to get the hang of, but worth it once you do.

Great makeup should feel accessible and achievable for everyone. So let’s talk about those glitter woes one by one, and dismantle their finicky reputation, from being hard to apply, to being too flashy, or unsustainable. 

I Can’t Wear Glitter/I’ve Never Worked with Glitter Before

If you’ve never worked with glitter before, I am hereby admitting you into the glitter club. If you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t wear glitter, well, you’re in the glitter club now. Can’t do anything about that, can you? 

In all seriousness, there is no special type of person who wears glitter, or an occasion where you should or shouldn’t throw on some sparkle (except to like, a funeral or the pool. Those are literally the only two places I can think of). And while there isn’treally a glitter club, wearing glitter brings the confidence and positivity of a thousand friends cheering you on. 

It’s Too Flashy  

If you have a penchant for maximalism but get squeamish in the spotlight, first of all, hi, we are the same. In fact, most makeup users get self-conscious about their looks. Should this hold you back? Absolutely not. Glitter is the perfect product for bringing out your inner shine. Take baby steps by building up some shimmery pigment. It’s slightly more subtle—with the perfect amount of impact. Products ideal for this are our Universal Gloss and Crayon, or our eye-safe Holographic lip glosses. 

Beginner Glitter

If you’ve never worked with glitter before, there are a few ways you can start. If you’re already well-versed in shimmer, foray into glitter with a wand or easy application product. Our Universal Liner is a brilliant tube of sparkle with a flexible applicator for clean lines and control. No glue necessary! You can also use the applicator to disperse the product and use a finger to blend it over the eyelid. For beginner glitter users, this is my best recommendation. 

Isn’t Glitter Unsustainable? 

Glitter can be hard to decompose because it is often derived from plastic. Our Biodegradable Glitter is perfect for the Greta Thunberg fans (i.e. everyone). Other than being biodegradable, it’s almost identical to normal glitter, as it comes loose and in a pot. And hey, glitteris pretty eye-catching… maybethis will finally get Jeff Bezos to notice all the things he can do to play his part too. One can only hope. 

Loose Glitter Scares Me

While glitter can light the way, you don’t want it to leave a trail. Let’s talk about flaky glitter. Applying loose glitter can go awry during the application process or as the day wears on, so you want to make sure you’re applying it with something tacky, whether that’s glue, gloss, or (in a pinch, here’s a little personal tip) Aloe Vera.  Use any of our glosses as a sticking agent and go crazy with any of our loose glitters, like our chunky Aura Glitter or other varieties of our Acrylic Glitters


No one likes to remove glitter, but we can minimize the struggle. At the end of the day, to remove your glitter, use a gentle wipe or towelette with oil or gel-to-foaming cleanser (or both, we love a double-cleanse method) to wipe away the shine. Instead of scrubbing up and down, which can get the glitter stuck under your eyelids or in your lash line, wipe from inner to outer corner until the glitter is gone. Use a q-tip to get pieces out of the inner corner or lash line. Try to throw your glitter away instead of washing it down the drain. While we do wish Rainbow Fish was an official Fluide influencer, it's best to keep these pesky particles away from our fish friends. 

And there you have it! Against popular belief, beauty doesn’t have to hurt, and you honestly shouldn’t have to work that hard for it, either. So let’s collectively say goodbye to painful sparkles in the eye, and a fifteen-minute application period huddled over the bathroom mirror leaving you with back pain. Never, and I meanneveragain.

Glitter is accessible, easy and maybe the most fun product of them all. And once you get it right, you can’t go back. So whenever you have the time, give it a go and tag us in your looks. Good luck!

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