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Major Makeup Mastermind Artsy Busy | Makeup Musings with LGBTQ+ Creators

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Hello, hello, hello! My artist name is Artsy. My birth name doesn’t feel right sometimes, so I like to have another name that describes me more. I started creating when I was very little but discovered makeup as an art only around 2 years ago. I haven’t been able to stop since. My Instagram is @artsy_busy and that’s where I post most of my work.

Was there a moment in time when you realized you were a creator/maker/artist aka you?

I think I’ve always been an artist, and I’ve always known. Whether it was writing or drawing, I’d always be doing something creative. All my family considers me the artist of the family because I like any form of art, as long as it’s art. I’m not picky about art. If I wasn’t doing makeup, I’d probably most likely still be drawing and painting, or even writing poems.

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Is there a relationship between your identity (queer/gender/ethnicity/otherwise) and the work you make?

That’s actually something I’ve never thought of. I do think that my gender identity and sexuality influence my work a lot. I’d say my whole art represents who I am as a person, so in a way it does represent being queer and outside the box. I don’t think it’s the only purpose in my art, but definitely a big part of it. And my art is mostly inspired by other queer artists.

What do you want the beauty/fashion world to look like in 10 years?

I want it darker, weirder and even more twisted. Some designers are like that, but it’s still something you don’t see as much. And when I mean darker, weirder and more twisted, I don’t just mean ‘put more black and call it a day’ kind of thing. I mean creepy things, blood, deformed faces, etc.

What is inspiring to you right now -- other makers/artists/musicians/ideas/cultural trends?

Right now, I would say I’m super into Photoshop and intensifying my features. Making my ears longer, making my shoulders pointy, turning my head into another shape, etc. My work is easily inspired by Salvia, Coma, Michael Hussar, and many other artists.

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We have to ask about your name, it's probably the best name on the planet with a cheeky IG name to match. What's the story behind it?

The true story is that when I was on Tumblr a couple years ago, one of my followers had posted a sentence that started with something like “busy doing art” and I just thought “Artsy Busy” sounds so much cooler than my real name so I’ll take that as my new username. I had no idea people would actually start calling me Artsy. Now only a couple of my closest friends call me by my birth name. And I mean, I’m always busy doing something artistic, so it represents me the best.

Your makeup looks evoke a lot of emotions, the amount of detail you put into each one is amazing and impressive. What made you start creating these grand makeup looks? Are they characters, do they have a meaning or are they just for fun?

I don’t really know why I started makeup. I guess I had been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race for a while and was intrigued at how they could change their face so dramatically with just makeup, and I was tempted to try it myself. My face didn’t end up looking like a drag queen, but it sure ended up being my own little character. Some looks that I do have meaning just like a bunch of them is just me painting something abstract on my face. I paint when I’m happy, sad, mad, etc. So each emotion can be found in a makeup look.

Have you ever created a makeup look that you couldn't recreate, do you ever recreate these looks?

I don’t really like recreating my own looks. I always try to go for something I’ve never done before. And if I do recreate one of my older looks, you wouldn’t even be able to tell because it would look so different from the original.

You use cigarettes in your work a bunch, who, dead or alive, would you have a smoke with?

That’s such a hard question. There is honestly way too many people in my mind right now. I think I would have to say Marilyn Monroe, just because she’s someone I’ve always been intrigued by so I would have a lot of things to ask. It’s a cheesy answer, but it’s true.


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What is it like for you when you leave your house and go to get groceries with zig zag eyebrows? Do you have any tips for keeping your head up and owning the way you look?

To be honest, it takes a lot for me to step outside with a crazy look on my face. I get told a lot that I’ve inspired people to do it themselves and that they wish they could be as confident as me, but the truth is, it’s just as hard for me. I’m not confident, I’m actually scared as hell. I don’t like to go out alone with a big makeup look on because people are going to point the figure at me and laugh. But I do it because people tell me I inspire them. It’s the only reason. I want to make people feel more confident, and to do that, I have to learn to do it myself. So a tip for anyone who wants to do so: don’t think and just do it, you get used to it at some point.

Who are your fashion/beauty icons? Whose look inspires you?

My fashion icons always change, just like my style. Michael Hussar’s art has probably been my biggest inspiration so far with my art.

What was your first “makeup moment” and what do you wear today?

The first time I put makeup on, I think I was in high school. It was a basic eyeliner, with barely any foundation. Now I wear a full coverage foundation every day, no eyeliner, a ton of eyeshadow, heavy contour and big over-drawn lips.  

How many beauty marks do you think you’ve drawn on since you started? Your fake moles and freckles are so iconic!!

At least a thousand something! I can’t leave the house with at least one fake mole. And I’ve been so into freckles lately. They make any look cuter.

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What song brings you to life?

I guess you could say I have a weird music style. I’m a big Demi Lovato fan. But when I create, I love to listen to the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, JLo, Madonna, RuPaul, etc. My ultimate favourite song has to be “What’s Up” by the 4 Non-Blondes.

Tell us about an exciting and/or new work/project/thing you’re working on; how did it originate? How is it related to other work you’ve done? What is next for you? Do you have any hopes, dreams, plans you are excited about?

Right now, I’m just trying to get as much content as possible on Instagram. New looks daily, new photoshoots. I have some cool companies that I’m going to work with in the next couple weeks, so make sure to stay updated for that. And I’d say my biggest dream for the future would be to become part of the Kat Von D Beauty team. I support every single product she has put out, and it has got to be my favourite makeup brand by far.