Best Brow Gel: 5 Uses For Eyebrow Gel

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Eyebrow gel can do more than just shape and color your brows. You can use it to create faux freckles, patch up a balding spot on your hairline, and more!

The best brow gel to use has a dense bristle brush, a flexible soft-hold formula, and comes in several shades. Luckily, we equip our Browzey Brow Gel with all these features. 

Here are five alternative ways to use our eyebrow gel.

faux freckles for summer

1. Faux Freckles

The faux freckles trend isn’t going anywhere, and with summer approaching, this is a fun sun-kissed look to try. Faux freckles are created by flicking on a product darker than your foundation. 

You’ll need the Tinted Browzey Gel in a slightly darker shade than your skin tone and either a pointed eyeshadow brush or an eyebrow brush. Flick the eyeshadow brush or eyebrow brush against the brow brush bristles a few inches from your face. The product should gently splatter your face, creating small, natural-looking spots. If they're appearing too dark, pat a sheer amount of light concealer over the freckles with a damp beauty blender.

tame baby hair and flyaway using eyebrow gel

2. Tame Baby Hairs

You can even use brow gel to tame and shape baby hairs around your hairline! Shaping your baby hairs with a small eyebrow brush allows you more control and precision. You can use the tinted brow gel to add more color to your hairline or use the clear eyebrow gel for clean lines. 

Take the Browzey Brow Gel and begin brushing it through your baby hairs from root to tip. When applying tinted brow gel, make sure you wipe the brush beforehand to avoid smearing the color. Once you have worked the product through the hair, use the bristles to shape. Once they are shaped, tap it in with your finger or use translucent powder to set it.

conceal hairline with eyebrow gel


3. Conceal Gray or Thin Hairline

If you have sparseness around your hairline or gray hairs, you can use a tinted eyebrow gel to cover and color. 

For gray hairs, run the Browzey Brow Gel through the strands starting at the root to midway down the hair shaft. This will help seamlessly blend the color. If you have sparseness, focus only on the root, as it can give the illusion of a more prominent hairline. 

facial hair sparseness using eyebrow gel

4. Shade Your Beard and Sideburns

Tinted brow gel can cover small spots of sparse facial hair and add more depth. 

Begin by washing and brushing your facial hair to untangle the hair and exfoliate your skin. Then, take a Browzey Brow Gel tinted shade that’s close to your hair color. Brush around the area of sparseness in the direction of hair growth to mimic authentic hair. 

Drag eyebrow makeup eyebrow gel

5. Drag Eyebrows

You can even use an eyebrow gel to paint drag brows! 

To create drag eyebrows, set your foundation or concealer and begin sketching the outline of your eyebrow with the Browzey Brow Gel brush. Once you have your outline, simply fill the negative space with the gel formula. 

Another option is to use the tinted Browzey Brow Gel for depth and dimension as the last step. After you've filled your brows, use the eyebrow gel to create hair-like strokes! Begin at the start of your brows and add small hair textures in short, swift motions. It should look like eyebrow hairs are covering your drag eyebrows!

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What is your favorite way to use eyebrow gel? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by Julia Pincus, The Beauty Mark Writer

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