Best Face Gems: How to Use Jewels for Makeup

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Have you seen Euphoria or TikTok lately? Face jewels for makeup seem to be everywhere right now. Are you ready to give this trend a try? Not sure where to start? No problem! We’re here to help you.

Below, we answer all your questions about using jewels for makeup and give you a how-to guide.

best face gems to use for makeup


How Do You Apply Face Gems?

Step One: Prep Area

You can either apply face jewels onto clean skin or over your makeup. When placing onto clean skin, remove any excess oil from the surface to prevent the gems from sliding off.

If you’re applying jewels over makeup, remove the makeup in that spot to help prevent clogged pores. Take a cotton swab with makeup remover or micellar water, and dab over the spot you want to place a gem. Dabbing allows you control over how much makeup you remove, and you only want to remove enough to fit a gemstone.

Step Two: Adhesive

Apply a dot of glue smaller than the gemstone in the desired areas. Allow it to become tacky before setting the gemstone. 

You can skip this step if you use face gems that already have a pre-applied adhesive, like our Otherwordly Gems!

Step Three: Application

Once the glue is tacky, take either your finger or tweezers, peel off the gemstone, and place it on the adhesive. Press the gem into the glue and hold it for a few seconds, allowing it to set. Repeat steps 1-3 for every gem you apply.

Step Four: Removal

Apply a makeup remover, micellar water, or coconut oil over your face gems to allow the glue to separate. Once the glue dissolves, remove the gemstones, wipe them with makeup remover, and let them dry before storing.

Jewels for makeup on the eyes

Are Face Gems Reusable?

This answer depends on the type of face gem you use and how careful you are with them.

To get the most out of your face gems, take proper care of them. Always carefully remove your gems and clean off all the glue.

Certain types of face jewels aren't reusable. Tiny gemstones will be hard to reuse because removing them can usually damage them. Also, face jewels that don’t have a flat back may be difficult to reuse because they are harder to clean.  


What Glue Do You Use For Face Gems?

There are face gems that already have adhesive applied (like our Otherwordly Gems) and face gems that require separate glue. 

The most common adhesive to use is eyelash glue for face jewels. Why? It’s a durable adhesive designed to be gentle on your skin. However, if your skin doesn’t react well with eyelash glue and you want an alternative, the next best glue for face gems is either a balm or a face gloss

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Can You Put Face Jewels Over Makeup?

As long as you use a strong adhesive, face jewels can sit over your makeup. Our Otherworldly Gems are designed to sit over your makeup and last all night. 

If you have concerns about clogged pores, dab makeup remover over the spot you want to apply a face gem. See our "How To" guide above for more information on face gem prepping. 

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Where do you like to apply your face gems? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by Julia Pincus, The Beauty Mark Writer

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