Exploring the Idea Behind Goth-Emo-Candy-Trap with Cecpool

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Cecpool is a carefree, self-defined rebel who makes alternative music for the weirdo and queerdo we’ve always wanted to be. Her work takes her from L.A. to New York and back again. Find her onInstagram,Twitter, andTumblrand listen to her music onSoundCloudandYoutube
How would you describe your music?

I would describe my music as a combination of goth-emo-candy-trap, wavy-goth, dream-pop, psycho-chill, pop-punk, gaze-wave, and troll-core. All very unique and different sounds and styles.

When did you first recognize yourself as an artist?

I’ve always been an artist—but I didn’t start to feel like one until I stopped evaluating my validity as an artist by other people’s standards. I decided I would just acknowledge that I have two modes: art and mess. They definitely overlap and coincide with each other, but what it actually means is that any endeavor I put my focus on is art to me in some way and that's just the natural aestheticism that was bred in me, down to the name my mama gave me.

Where do you get your style inspiration from? How would you describe it?
I certainly take my inspiration from all the beautiful people around me, as well as musicians, comic books and cartoons, and TV show and movie characters at struck me as “cool” my from my childhood and teen years. Lil Peep will also always be a number one inspiration.

What are you hoping to achieve through your music?

My main goal is to provide entertainment and support for people who are different. I would also say that, in a sense, making music is what keeps me going in life.

Are you aiming towards a specific group of people when it comes to your music?

I’m aiming towards the people who struggle with the same or similar issues that I do and that I have. I’m also aiming for those who have felt alone or have felt like they were the only ones dealing with crazy, suicidal feelings. Aside from that, my music is for those who are cute and lit, weirdos, queerdos, and sad kids who want to turn up, cry, or both all at once.

What has been the highlight of your career as a musician?

I’m not too sure yet. I judge myself very harshly and can be numb to feelings of success, but one day, I hope I can pinpoint that.

Do you think alternative artist aren’t getting their fair share in the industry?

No way! ESPECIALLY not girls in the industry due to the sexism and disrespect that often comes along with being a woman.

Some people may see what you’re doing as taboo. How do you counter that outdated mentality?

I embrace it. I've always loved exploring taboo topics. I’ve always rejected censorship and have been intrigued by the forbidden. Maybe it's that oppositional defiant disorder they diagnosed me with. :)

Who was beautiful to you when you were younger and who is beautiful to you now?

When I was younger, I always believed that my grandmother was beautiful. In addition to her, Mary-Kate Olsen, Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes, Edie Sedgwick, the Spice Girls, Frida Kahlo, and many, many others. Nowadays, it’s still all the women from when I was younger but along with them, Drag Queens, people who are androgynous, and Bratz Dolls. Also, I have a huge crush on Slick Woods. The most beautiful person is still Lil Peep.

What keeps you inspired?

My friends. They are all so talented and I don’t know where I’d be without them. Also, weird sh*t on the internet that I get obsessed with.

Tell us about something exciting or new you’re working on; how did it originate? How is it related to other work you’ve done?

I’m really excited for my EP of “Everyone Can Tell I’m Doing Really Well” coming out in January :). The idea originated when my best friend, manager, and designer Brian Whatever introduced me to a dope producer, So Drove, when we came to LA together with Lindsay Jones, who is also amazing, back in February ‘18.

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