Celebrating Trans Beauty with Queer Photographer Sophia Emmerich

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Berlin-based Sophia Emmerich (@zofia.k), is an award-winning photographer whose art challenges social norms and their impact on the perception of beauty. Trained as a lawyer, Sophia is passionate about fighting for causes she believes in.
model eve beucher


"In the last years the focus of my work has been the representation of the LGBTQIA+ community and bringing visibility where it is long overdue. This community means so much to me and if just one person looks at my images and feels represented and seen, all the hard work was worth it."


To celebrate Trans Day of Visibility Sophia gathered three friends in her studio to  create these stunning portraits of Eve, Phenix and Sam. In Sophia's own words,

"I’m unbelievably grateful and honored to have taken images for this year's Trans Day of Visibility. And I will continue to fight for more visibility, not just on one day, but every day."


A model with the LGBTQIA+ modeling agency, Uns:

"Trans Day of Visibility is a reminder that my identity, my joys and my struggles are not just individual, they are a part of an incredibly strong community.


And there is so much power in the amplitude of our diverse voices." (Find Eve on Instagram: @eve_beucher)


"Every celebration of every trans experience says to me: 'We won’t be silenced and we WILL hold you accountable.'"  



"Showing face and still living stealth — is that possible?

"This is a question I ask myself frequently. Often, I oscillate between keeping my transition a secret or living proud out loud and I know that many do not even have the privilege to decide this by themselves.


I wished that in 2021 outing as trans wouldn’t cause anybody any harm or issues in their private or working life anymore.


"This is why I decided to show face on this year’s Trans Day Of Visibility for the first time — to raise awareness that trans exists and that we are normal human beings who have the right to live without fear."


Phenix photo



LGBTQIA+ activist, podcast host, and model with agency, Uns:

"Us trans* people we are still being fetishized, harassed and not taken for serious in so many situations. That needs to stop! Trans* = normal."


"For remembering the struggles we go through but also celebrating our strength and just us as humans this day is very important to me." Find Phenix on Instagram: @thisisphenix


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