Honoring Queer Spaces: Interview with C’mon Everybody's Eric Sosa

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How would you describe your venue? What’s different about it from other bars and clubs in NYC?

C'mon Everybody is a friendly neighborhood bar, lounge, and live arts space. Queer owned and operated, our mission is to create an environment where everyone can co-exist under the same roof. I think what sets up apart from other spaces is that we have this homegrown vibe, and people really love that. People feel like they are a part of the space when they walk through the door, rather than being just another patron at a bar..

When did you open and how has it evolved?

I was inspired to open C'mon Everybody from my past experiences working in music and performing art spaces, and we opened in June 2015. We really wanted to create a welcoming environment, not just for patrons but for artists as well. Our team is myself, my life partner Mike, our best friend Sam, and Mike's brother Anthony. It’s a family affair! I really love programming and curating events. Working with artists is one of my favorite things in life.

C'mon Everybody partners

What memories do you have of the first bar or club you fell in love with when you first started going out? Any other queer spaces that were important to you in the past or now?  

The first bar/club that I fell in love with was Woody's in Philadelphia. I used to drive into Philly (I grew up in the suburbs of South Jersey) and go to Woody's on their 18+ night. I would tell my parents I was going to a friend's house and sneak over there, so I could be surrounded by other queer people. It was my first introduction to queer nightlife.

What does a great night at C’mon Everybody look like? What’s a “bad night” (and do you even have any)?

A great night here doesn't necessarily mean a packed room—a great night to us is good music, good energy and good people. We've been pretty lucky here and haven't had any bad nights.

C'mon Everybody party

What are the most challenging aspects of running a club/bar?

Being in a residential neighborhood has been a challenge for us. Thankfully we have developed strong relationships with our neighbors and they know our door is open to them if they ever an issue with noise, smoking outside, loud talking, etc.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I'm always working! If I'm not at the venue, then I'm usually at home with my cats.

Do you like to travel and do you have any favorite bars or clubs outside of NYC that you love or would like to visit?

Traveling has been a bit challenging since opening the venue, but when I can get out of town I typically go upstate to the Hudson Valley. Hudson is actually one of my favorite places to go to when I have down time. The Half Moon and Basilica are two of my favorite spaces in Hudson.

If you could get anyone, living or deceased, to perform at your club, what would be your dream lineup?

Laura Nyro, Sade, Grace Jones, Donna Summer, Kate Bush.

C'mon Everybody dance

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