Easy Full Face Makeup Using One Product

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Who says you can’t use one product for a full face makeup look? It’s time to get more bang for your buck with your makeup products. Not only does it make doing your makeup easy, but it’s also a great way to create a full face for beginners. 

So, how can you create a full face look with one product? Below are steps to use one product for an easy full face makeup look using our Universal Gloss in the shadeMarz.

Start With Your Eyes

The great thing about our Universal Glosses is they blend well, are buildable, and don't leave a sticky residue. That is why they are great for your eyes! And what full face makeup look is complete without a dramatic eye?

If you are looking for a hint of color on your eyes, simply swipe on our Marz gloss using a small brush or your finger. If you want to create a smokey eye effect, start at the outer corner of your eye, dabbing the product in one spot. Once you have the pigment on the outer corners, use either a brush or clean finger to gently move the product around your crease and over your eyelid. This will create that gradient, smokey look. 

Create a Contour

Our Universal Glosses can be used as cream blushes or bronzers to create a flawless, sculpted full face makeup look. Our Marz gloss is wonderful as a romantic, rosy blush. 

For that lifted, full face makeup look, start by patting down the gloss on the high part of your cheekbone. This will give the illusion of a lifted face and will bring attention to your eyes. Once you have laid down some of the color, begin to blend around your cheekbone. 

Start by bringing it down over the top of your cheekbone, and blend outwards so that it blends in with your skin. Bonus, if you use our shadeJupiter for your full face makeup look, it creates a beautiful bronze glow. If you’re using our shadeRain, you’ll get a perfect highlight. 

Finishing Touches

We can’t forget about the lips. 

Dab a bit of gloss on your lips in the center, and swipe it across if you want to create a subtle tinted look. If you want your lips to appear fuller, use a lip brush (or any small brush compatible with cream) to line them. Once you have your desired shape, fill in your lips and you are ready to go. 

Full face makeup looks are much easier to achieve when using one product for all the high points. In full face makeup, your eyes, your cheeks, and your lips attract the most attention. By using one product, your makeup is cohesive and complimentary. It’s also a quick and efficient way to get a full face makeup look.

Get your favorite shade of our Universal Gloss today, and start experimenting with full face makeup!

Written by Julia Pincus, The Beauty Mark Writer

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