Gen Z Trend: How to Get Glitter Lips

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Glitter lips have become a makeup trend among Gen Z, and it’s relatively easy to achieve. The beauty industry is moving away from universal rigid line looks (e.g., the Dipbrow style from 2016), and entering a time of experimentation with makeup. Gen Z makeup trends encourage creating unique looks and glitter lips are a fun way to express yourself.

But how do you get this look? Can glitter lips be subtle? We will answer your questions and give you a step-by-step guide on achieving glitter lips. 

Step One: Base

Glitter lips are only as stable and long-lasting as the base. Hydrating your lips will ensure they can hold glitter for hours. 

OurUniversal Balm is a hydrating balm that provides your lips with the moisture you need for this look. Once you have applied some balm, tap it into your lips and let it set. You will want to give the balm time to absorb into your lips. Be sure to blot off any excess, otherwise any slick residue will move any product laid on top. 

Step Two: Color

The next step is to lay down some pigment for your glitter lips. OurLiquid Lipsticks will give you an intense matte pigment with one swipe. Using a shade likeRosemont will create a dramatic red lip. Want to use something with more of a satin finish? OurUniversal Crayon will give you a more subtle finish while providing extra hydration. 

Tip: If you use a tacky or satin-textured lipstick, lightly pat down translucent powder or eyeshadow to set it. Don’t leave a powder residue, or it will counteract with your adhesive.

Step Three: Adhesive

Next is adding an adhesive agent so the glitter will stick. If you want a transparent adhesive, use ourLip Gloss shades inWet. You can even use theUniversal Balm from step one as your adhesive. Want something with added pigment for a dramatic look? Use ourUniversal Gloss in shades likeMarz orJupiter. Layer on enough so it feels sticky to the touch but not gloppy.

Step Four: Glitter

Now the fun part – adding glitter. Be experimental and have fun with it, there are no rules. Do you want precise placements of glitter? Use ourUniversal Liner. You can create a glitter lip liner, make geometric shapes, or give yourself a subtle glitter glow. Or, do you want to make a statement? OurAura Glitter is perfect for you. Do you want something between subtle and statement? OurBiodegradable Glitter is a fine grain glitter that will give you glowing glitter lips.

To apply loose glitter, use either your finger or a small eyeshadow brush, dip into the glitter, and begin packing it down onto your lips. Make sure the glitter covers every spot of adhesive so it won’t clump. 

Make a Glitter Lip Kit

The best part about this look is there is no one way to do it. Mix and match colors, try different application methods, or use differently textured glitter. 

Want to save and try one of our glitter lip kit sets? OurLove is Fluide Collection is a red glitter lip kit with pigment, adhesive, and glitter included! Want a fun and glitzy gold glitter lip? OurGold Rush Trio is a perfect gold glitter lip kit. Want to start with something simpler for practice? OurGlitter & Gloss Duo is the perfect beginner’s kit.

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What do you think of the glitter lip trend? Tell us in the comments!

By Julia Pincus, The Beauty Mark Writer

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