Getting Creative
with the Essentials

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By Caitlin Menor



product photo of Essentials set


On Planet Fluide, we are best known for our unique and versatile “Universal” line of products. However, a classic Fluide look isn’t complete without the products we consider our Essentials — including our Browzey Brow Gel, Big Bang Mascara, and Onyx Universal Liner.

Browzey Brow Gel

Giving your brows shape and definition can elevate your look in a quick-swipe instant! The best way to make sure that your brows stay perfect all day is by applying brow gel. Whether you’re running around doing your daily errands, or need a touch-up before a Zoom meeting, our reliable Browzey Brow Gel has got your eyebrows covered! With Browzey,you can trust that your brows will stay in place all day long. Browzey is also infused with argan oil and aloe vera to keep your brows growing and flourishing as you go about your day!

Big Bang Mascara

Whether you’re going for a natural or bold look, you know that mascara is an essential step in your makeup routine to make your eyes pop and brighten up! On Planet Fluide, we are proud to introduce to you our new Big Bang Mascara. With our volumizing and lengthening mascara, your lashes will stand out like stars in the cosmos! Our Big Bang Mascara is best utilized when applied onto your curled, natural lashes – but you can also apply it onto falsies to help secure them and further emphasize them!

model applying mascara

Onyx Universal Liner

Densely pigmented and long-lasting, our matte Onyx Universal Liner is the rich deep black eyeliner you've been waiting for. With its light and flexible brush, it's also super easy to apply.  

When the Essentials Meet the Universals

While our Essentials are important to our makeup collection as a whole, the fun thing about Fluide is that you can mix and match our Universal Liners, Glosses, and Crayons with our Essentials to create unique and vibrant looks!

For example, Browzey can also act as a primer for our biodegradable glitter. If you want to apply some glitter onto your brows or just shape your eyebrows into a unique form, Browzey truly makes a difference!

Our Big Bang Mascara also emphasizes any shade of our Universal Liner, so feel free to play around with different color combos.

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