Hey There! A Universal-Sponsored Dispatch from the Fluide Team

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Catch up with the We Are Fluide team as they share their favorite Universal products and spill on why universal make up is so important.

Hello creatives, I greet you with an ~interactive~ multiple choice question. 

Have you used eyeshadow as 
A. Blush 
B. Highlighter 
C. Lipstick (yeah, it’s possible)
D. All of the above?


If your answer is yes to any or all of these, you, knowingly or not, have participated in, and inspired the Universal Collection.

Universal makeup is designed to be used in a thousand different ways for a thousand different faces. Bending the rules and coloring outside the lines is something that brings the We Are Fluide community together.

Behind the We Are Fluide product line is a team of individuals who break the rules as an overarching philosophy to makeup. This is why we created our Universal collection. All are designed with multiple application methods in mind, the universe is the limit. There are no instructions or rules. And now, our Universal Liner, Gloss and Crayon are all available in a tidy little bundle to make creativity and expression as accessible as possible. 

We here at We Are Fluide and you, precious reader, are all united by D. All of the above. So, down below, get to know our Fluide team, and more importantly our beloved Universal products that seriously never get put away. (For real, my Universal Crayon has been on my bathroom sink for like, months.) 

1. Dev, Creative Director

Dev wears the Crystal Cluster Universal Liner from We Are Fluide

My favorite product is the Universal Liner (especially Crystal Cluster)! The liners are the perfect products to easily take your look to the next level. I love to place it in my eyelid crease or inner corner for a pop of color. They work well in a high glam look or even a subtle everyday moment. I can't get enough! 
Beauty is such an inspirational industry that has the ability to empower others, so it's so important that We Are Fluide empowers everyone to feel beautiful, seen, and empowered! It's so important that makeup is universal because everyone should have the freedom to express themselves and play with makeup regardless of skill, gender, etc. 

2. Ashley, Content Creator and Tik Tok Editor

Ashley wears Roxy Universal Gloss with Universal Liner in Retrogayz

My favorite Universal product is Universal Gloss (love shade Roxy)! I love using the gloss as a highlight and as a shimmery base to prime for loose glitter (like Aura Glitter). I love how the Universal Gloss can be used anywhere to achieve a dewy, shimmery look.

Makeup should have no rules! Universal makeup allows for anyone to express their beauty any way they want. There is no one way to use Fluide’s Universal makeup, because it be applied anywhere on your face or even on your body, which I think is the most freeing thing ever. It pushes you as an artist to be creative and have the freedom to just be yourself completely.

3. Priss, Content Creator and Blog Writer

Priss wears Universal Inner in Crystal Cluster and Universal Crayon Darq Matter

Some of my fave universal products are the Universal Liner Crystal Cluster & Universal Crayon Darq Matter. I love crystal cluster bc it can be used in a variety of ways. I’ll use it on my eyelids, my inner eye corner and even on my eyebrows! I love Darq Matter bc it has a nice nude tone that can be used as a contour for certain skintones. It’s my go-to nose contour. 

The tea is most products can be applied anywhere. I’m definitely one to use a lipstick as a blush or a lipgloss as a highlight. It’s all about how you use the product to make up the rules!! I think it’s important to have universal makeup products because the implications are that it can be used by anyone. Regardless of sex and gender identity, regardless of skin type or tone. Furthermore, it leaves room for creativity.

4. Grace, Blog Editor 

Grace wears Universal Crayon in Celestial and Universal Liner in Lil Dipper

Hey, it's me! I love the Universal Liner in Lil Dipper, and the Universal Crayon in Celestial for an all-over lid, cheekbone and lip highlight. Even when my makeup is simple, these products add immense depth and curiosity. These products turn an outfit into a look, if you know what I mean.

Universal makeup to me means products I can use again and again, faithfully—and then look to my left and see someone using it completely differently!! Understanding what makeup means to others and to myself helps me fully appreciate the different, dynamic ties of perspective and artistry.

5. Hawwaa, Content Creator

Hawwaa wears Universal Liner in Area 51

My favorite Universal Product is the Universal Liner in Area 51. It’s not every day you see the color green so vibrantly in makeup and with the mixture of glitter specks, it works so well when adding pops of color to your makeup look. Especially for glitter freckles! 

I believe that universal makeup is important because it allows for an endless variety of styles and expressions, no matter who’s wearing it. It’s even better for the person who isn’t keen on makeup; they have one simple product to do so much with.

6. Jasmine, Instagram Editor

Jasmine wears Universal Gloss and Aura Glitter

My favorite universal products are the Universal Glosses! The glosses are great for every use, shimmer in the eyes, highlight on the cheek bones, or sparkle on the lip. Not only do I love the fragrance, I’m in love with the moisturizing feel! 

Universal makeup is very important in expressing creativity because of the many uses each product has. There are so many looks for him, her, them and everyone to develop, and making sure each We Are Fluide Fam member is represented is our main priority!

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