How To Block Your Eyebrows with Jecca Blac

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How To Block Your Eyebrows with Jecca Blac

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Today’s blog is brought to you by vegan, gender-free makeup brandJecca Blac. We’re going to be sharing our top tips for brow blocking, taking you through each step - from building a flattened base for coverage, to seamlessly concealing the appearance of any brow hairs. A technique popular within the drag and makeup artistry world, brow blocking has been traditionally achieved with glue sticks and the finished result leaves you with an extended canvas for eye looks. We’re sure you’ll revel in the freedom to go editorial with a brow-free look (as seen on runways throughout 2022), or get creative by drawing an entirely new brow shape (a popular technique in the drag world).

Firstly, who are we?

Jecca Blac began with our Founder, makeup artist Jessica Blackler, who started Jecca Blac as an educational makeup studio where clients could learn about products and techniques in a relaxed, judgement-free setting. Jessica quickly established herself within the trans community, and would regularly help clients achieve beard shadow coverage and contouring for day-to-day makeup looks.

In these sessions, she realised the oversight of the beauty world in not creating simple and effective makeup solutions which truly cater to everybody - including transfeminine makeup wearers. With these unmet need of the trans community in mind, she launched theCorrect & Conceal Palette - a world worst in user-friendly colour correction and concealer suited to every base need - including beard shadow coverage. This award-winning palette was the start of our journey as a makeup retailer, and has lead to us and our LGBTQ+ inclusive team providing voluntary support to trans prisoners, regularly fundraising for LGBTQ+ charities, and using our platforms toamplify voices from within the community

We hope you enjoy our tips! For more information, or email us

Watch our reel taking you through the stepshere!

Thank you to Fluide for sharing our story and tips on brow blocking!

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Step 1: Flatten those hairs

You’ll need your brow hairs to be completely flat to your skin. Ever seen laminated brows? This is what you’re going for. We designed ourBrow Seal to include a flattened edge on the back of the applicator, making it easy to comb product into every brow hair, and then spread the hairs directly onto the forehead in the same motion. Start by combing the toothy side of the applicator into the brow hairs to apply the gel formula, and then roll the applicator onto its back to flatten and spread the hairs upwards, as far onto your forehead as they’ll reach.

Wait for your layer ofBrow Seal to set - some makeup wearers opt for a fan or hairdryer to speed up the process here! We recommend then using a makeup wipe to remove any excess product above the brow hairs so that your base makeup doesn’t stick to it later on. Check your brows side-on in a mirror to see if any hairs have escaped the hold of the formula, and add a little extra to push them back in place.

Step 2: For a seamless base, every gap between every hair needs to be filled. This is whereBrow Block comes in!

We designedBrow Block with the same applicator asBrow Seal, as the teeth on the comb make it easy to pull the thick, gluey consistency from the tube and spread it straight onto the laminated brow hairs. Press a generous amount of product directly from the comb onto your brow hairs, and spread it through the brow bairs using the flattened back of the applicator. This will ensure every crevice and gap between every hair is filled and flattened. Wait for this to dry. Check side-on again to ensure every brow hair is flat.

Both Brow Seal and Brow Block provide 24-hour wear with a seamless formula that won’t flake once dried. Tested and approved by artists in the drag world, you cansave 15% when you shop Brow Seal & Brow Block together in our Brow Seal & Block Bundle!

Now, wait for it to dry! Feel free to use a fan for this step, too. Be sure to wipe away any excess around the brow hairs using a makeup wipe.

Step 3: Colour Correction

OurCorrect & Conceal Palette provides simple and effective coverage to beard shadow, dark under-eyes, tattoos, and blemishes. This buildable cream formula makes it perfect to help colour correct the brows, too. Using a finger, you can warm up the cream to build a generous amount of coverage onto the brows, pressing the Colour Correct shade onto the darkest parts of the brow hairs.

Step 4: Pressed Powder to set this coverage and create an extra layer for more concealer

Use a powder puff to press a powder foundation onto the brow, focusing on any areas which need extra coverage. A pressed foundation powder is ideal for this. 

Step 5: Full CoverageLiquid Concealer

Using a brush, paint a full coverageLiquid Concealer onto your brows, painting in the same direction the brows are laid to the face. OurLiquid Concealer is designed to provide a soft matte finish, making it perfect for this step of brow blocking.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 til you have the coverage you desire.

Once your brows are blocked, you’re good to go!

Our iconicBrow Seal & Block campaign featured community trailblazersBaby andShon Faye. How else were we meant to celebrate the launch of the world’s first ever brow duo designed to replace gluesticks in brow blocking?!

With your brows blocked, how will you choose to celebrate yourself? Let us know by tagging us in your finished looks on socials - @jeccablac

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Thank you to Fluide for sharing our story and tips on brow blocking!For 15% off all full price items at, enter FLUIDE15 at checkout!

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