How to Find Your “My Lips But Better” Shade

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Finding the perfect lip shade for your skin tone can be difficult. But thanks to the “My Lips But Better” trend, it’s becoming easier to find. 

What is the “My Lips But Better” lip trend? Keep reading to discover what the trend is, how to find your shade, and lipsticks to help get you started on this look!

What Is the “My Lips But Better” Trend?

While the idea of the “My Lips But Better” lip shade is simple, it can be hard to achieve. Simply put, the MLBB trend is finding a lip shade that is your natural lip color with a touch more intensity. It should be a lip shade that looks natural with a bit more defined coloring.

How to Find Your MLBB Shade

Below are three ways to begin finding your “My Lips But Better” color.

  • Find Undertones

  • Your undertones can tell you whether a warm or cool lip shade is going to look the most natural on you. 

    To find out if you are cool, warm, or neutral-toned, start by looking at your vein coloring. If your veins are a greenish color, you are likely warm-toned. If they are purple/blueish, you are likely cool-toned. Also, see how your skin is affected by sunlight. If you burn easily you are likely cool-toned, but if you naturally tan then you are likely warm-toned. If you have both tanning and burning effects from sunlight, you could be neutral-toned.

  • Examine Your Natural Lip Color

  • Seems straightforward, but have you taken the time to examine your exact lip coloring? Most of the pigment on our lips is in the inner part of our lips, with the color fading as it reaches our vermilion border.

    Take a look at your inner lip, how deep is the coloring? Is it more red, peach, or rosy? The color you see is the one you are going to want to match your lipstick the closest to. If you are shopping in person for your MLBB shade, try taking a picture of the inside of your lips and bringing it as a reference.

  • Match Swatches Properly

  • The back of your hand or inside of your wrist won't be the best spots for finding your MLBB shade. Swatching in these places is great for foundation matching, but they won't match your lip color properly. When searching for your “My Lips But Better” shade, try swatching on your fingertip. The coloring in this area is more similar to your lip shade as opposed to your hand. Another way to swatch is to test it on your cheeks. If the lip color creates a natural, rosy blush, it’s likely your MLBB shade. 

    MLBB Shades to Try

    Good news! We have launched a lip trio to help you find and create your perfect MLBB shade. TheSuperNeutrals Trio is a trio of a peachy beige, a medium rosy nude, and a rich deep brown. These nudes were designed to create the perfect nude for your skin tone, giving you a perfect “My Lips But Better” look. 

    Here is what our Creative Director says about these new shades:

    “These stunning shades are inspired by the beautiful spectrum of natural shades of the lips. There was a lot of demand to expand the rage of our best-selling Candy Bar shade, so we decided to begin our journey into the world of nude and neutral lip shades!

    These shades were designed to work for all skin tones and undertones. We researched and sampled a variety of nude lip shades to narrow it down to this range. There's definitely room for even more shades, but we love this start.”

  • Dev Doee, Creative Director of We Are Fluide

  • Grab yourMLBB shade today! 

    Do you have a perfect MLBB shade yet? Tell us how you found yours in the comments!

    Written by Julia Pincus, The Beauty Mark Writer

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