Your Favorite Clown Baby: Luli

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Luli is a 15-year-old clown obsessed makeup artist. You can find her colorful and creative work onInstagram and shop her jewelry line onDepop!

How has being such a young artist impacted you, if it has at all?

It’s honestly one of the best experiences I've had so far. Everyone I've met has been so lovely, and I'm so lucky to be where I am, at such a young age. [Being an artist] has impacted me in such a good way. I am so much more confident and happy with who I am, and I can’t wait for all that's to come.

What was your first “makeup moment”?

I've been into makeup for a few years, mostly doing simple looks, but my first major makeup moment was probably when I started getting really creative and doing whatever I wanted.

What is the relation between you and your clown obsession?

I think it’s how colourful and quirky they are, which I can relate to. I love how all of them are so different. They all bring me so much joy!!

Is there a relationship between your identity (queer/gender/ethnicity/otherwise) and the work you make?

I'm not sure how many people know, but I am gay! and I think it's super important to see young lgbt+ individuals in the media and I hope that people can see me and relate to me!

Tell us about how you mix makeup and miscellaneous objects together to create your looks.

I've always been super creative, so being able to do something with that is amazing. I get inspired by a lot of things from album covers, to 1950’s cartoons, or flowers, and of course clowns. I like making random and weird things that no one would expect to be made into makeup looks!

What inspired you to create your jewelry line?

Seeing my friend's jewelry line probably inspired me the most! My mom has always made jewelry so that helped too. Seeing people wear and enjoy something I made inspires me to keep making jewelry and growing my line!

Tell us a little bit about the connection between the art you make on your face and the art you make for others to wear.

I've always been such a colourful and unique person and I love showing it. I love standing out and being different from everyone else. Doing clown makeup and having bold and crazy jewelry makes me feel confident. I hope that my jewelry can make other people feel special and confident too.

What is next for you? Do you have any hopes, dreams, plans you are excited about?

One of my dreams has always been to become a makeup artist for others, so hopefully, I will get there! I also hope to expand my jewelry line one day into clothes and makeup! I'm always excited to make more jewelry and think of new looks!

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