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Jos Hurt was born a Leo in Houston on a Wednesday under a first quarter moon. Raised in a strict household, she expressed herself through her artwork and writing. Before moving to New York, she studied experimental film and performance art. Currently based in Brooklyn, she is a costume designer for film and television, as well as an illustrator.

Makeup was always a fun experiment to me. “Maybe I’ll get David’s attention if I wear this lipgloss” or“if I wear this they’ll see the femme within.” I grew up in Texas with everything being very staunchly “this is for girls, and this is for boys.” Luckily, I was surrounded by close friends who didn’t abide by those rules. I was never scared to express my desire to try a blush, lipstick or eyeshadow. My feelings for makeup started off young and naive, “oh, you wear makeup if you, like NEED TO wear makeup or to enhance your features.”

Jos Hurt on Future Fluide Blog

As early as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by women. This female energy stretched out of my family group and into my friend groups, starting with my preschool friend Kristen who lived at the end of my street.  And as I grew up alongside my cis female family members and friends, I grew with their make-up.

In the 5th grade I tried the cherry lip smackers and Lip Lover by Rachel Perry; NYC gloss and juicy tubes in junior high school; eyeliner and mascara during my goth years of high school, and of course, nude lipsticks at the end of the early 2000’s.

Jos Hurt on Future Fluide Blog

Makeup for me is a tool—it’s simply there to enhance my features.I do not hold makeup on a pedestal, I don’t feel it’s a part of my identity at all; its role is to help me convey the story my outfit is telling.

When I decided that, “yes, I’m going to start wearing makeup full time,” I did some questionable blush techniques and some serious highlighting errors, but I’ve gotten the hang of it a bit now. I luckily work alongside an extremely talented major makeup artist who I’d bounce my makeup ideas off of. I like to keep my face looking clean, dewy and fresh. So I’ve never really done any contour, eyeshadows or cat eyes.

Makeup doesn’t affect the way I interact with others, but if I see a hot man I’m definitely throwing on the lipstick “Zip” by Glossier.

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