"Unconventional beauty is beauty nonetheless" | Makeup Musings with Iv Fischer

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Iv Fischer is a 6’5” glamazonian woman of beauty and grace who just so happens to be transgender. She attempts to tackle the contemporary issues that plague our society through her presence on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr. An aspiring model, she seeks to turn the fashion industry on its head.

My makeup style was born out of my hatred for our society’s obsession with putting everything and everyone into a box. I wanted to show that unconventional beauty is beauty nonetheless.  

Iv Fischer on Future Fluide Blog

 My early experience with makeup was the same as I’d assume anyone else’s to be: tragic and unpolished. But being able to experiment with makeup made me so happy; I didn’t care what I looked like!

I grew up in a very heteronormative household. There were very clear parameters of how I should and should not act and my gender was policed by my parents at every turn. The discovery of makeup allowed me to battle the gender norms that were upheld in my household.It was therapeutic to finally have the chance, in college, to freely and openly express myself as the woman I am.

Iv Fischer on Future Fluide Blog

My early attempts at wearing makeup were terrible! Thankfully, my best friend Marie taught me a lot about makeup in the beginning of my journey. After I got the basic skills down, I began to add my own style.

Iv Fischer on Future Fluide Blog

I’m fortunate to have amazing friends who are my style icons. I believe thatif you use your privilege to uplift those that cannot do for themselves, you’re beautiful. If you allow your actions to speak louder than your words, you’re beautiful.

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