Fluidity and Fashion with Official Rebrand

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MI Leggett is the artist and creator of sustainable fashion brand, Official Rebrand. Find them on Instagram: @official_rebrand

What led you to create Official Rebrand and how did it start?

Once I started painting on clothes for myself, I was finally expressing myself in a way that felt authentic to me for the first time. I had always been trying to find my style, and I realized that as a visual artist, the style that would be most self-expressive is to put my art on my clothing. 

How do your identity and self-expression intersect with your work?

As I came into my nonbinary identity, choosing a vintage or thrift piece of clothing from any gender and painting on it to make it something totally different than a piece with a prescribed gender already.

I also felt that people were seeing me for me, and not necessarily seeing me for their assumed gender of me — so fashion through self-expression became a social justice reason for me to make clothes. If I’m not actively trying to make the world a better place, why should I do this - the world is already oversaturated with fashion designers and with waste and excess associated with fast fashion.

As a gender-fluid person who changes all the time, the fluidity of a piece of clothing, that it can be infinitely alterable, reflects my queer identity. It also rejects the sanctity of consumer objects or the assumption that they are "perfect" or "complete". 

The fashion world is completely changing and the old systems aren’t working anymore—people are moving away from products that are going to destroy the world. There are so many amazing young designers who are doing sustainability in such incredible ways and I’m really excited to be a part of it.

Photography: Landyn Pan 

Hair & Makeup: Chris Tabassi 

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