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Individual Style & Supporting Small Businesses

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Hi loves! I’m Priss Plastic, artist, model, We Are Fluide content creator and one half of the pop duo The Phantom Plastics. In this week’s post we are going to discuss some key steps I use to update my personal style all while supporting those closest to me. A win-win for all!

Let’s start with style — in 2020, what exactly does it mean to be stylish? 

priss wearing killacourt earrings

We all possess individual style, no matter if that leans towards trendy or more towards “basic” (for lack of a better word). A black turtleneck, for example, is a basic clothing item but it’s how you pair it that creates style. 

Maybe it’s with a leather jacket or flared jeans and a platform boot *chefs kiss*. Like curating a museum exhibition, separate works of art come together to tell a cohesive narrative; clothing and accessories can do the same.

So, how does one find a happy medium that’s informed by trends yet inspired by individual expression? 

I found that the easiest way to stand out is accessories. Specifically earrings. Now, there is nothing like a STATEMENT earring. I’ve invested in a few, especially since coming into my own self expression. (I had a total of 8 piercings at once during my late teens so I’m no stranger to earrings, but I had never really gone for larger, more playful designs).

I was excited to start a new chapter in my personal style.The journey started earlier this summer when I saw my friend Courtney (@killacourt) post her designs on Twitter.  I was instantly smitten and excited to start a new chapter in my personal style. Not only was this a close friend of mine, but the earrings were absolutely to die for. Big, dangly, and retro in the best way.

They were mod-inspired polymer clay flowers, which were handmade and painted by Courtney. I knew instantly that I would be buying two pairs (I make it a habit to usually buy two of everything as my partner Nyx and I have similar taste and share everything).

Through my infatuation with earrings, my new aesthetic journey had only just begun!


killacourt earrings

Just two weeks later I was scrolling on Instagram when I saw a friend post that she was selling earrings as well. I checked out her website, and found a perfect pair for me. They were green and ovular, appropriately titled “Monstera”.

I placed my order and eagerly awaited. When they arrived a week later, I got to work on creating a look specifically based off these earrings.

Nyx’s mom is really supportive of us and often gives us fabrics to work with. The night before my impromptu backyard photo shoot, I had noticed a yard of purple floral fabric I hadn’t seen before. I decided to make a quick set consisting of a skirt and matching top. I knew the purple would pair well with the green, AND complement my skin tone. (The next blog post we will tackle color theory and style). Next, I did a matching makeup look designed to correspond with the color palette of my new outfit. 

taylor Nikole earrings

When I think about style, I think about individualism. I want to stand out, however that’s often easier said than done. In a world where trends rule, and everybody wants that  top or that  bag or that  shoe, if you want to shake the table with your style, seek out small businesses and independent designers. They’re closer and more accessible than you may think.

When you support a small, independent business, capital is going directly to the hand(s) that made said product. It often ensures fair trade and is more environmentally sustainable than supporting large corporations. Style should be a reflection of you! As I grow, I push myself to be more conscious in how I choose to express myself, support my friends, and the planet we all share. 

For more info on their beautiful designs contact Courtney at and Tay at

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