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Florencia is a visual artist, photographer and designer currently based in New York. Born and raised in Venezuela, she also lived in Buenos Aires for 5 years. Florencia’s work can be found on herwebsite, onInstagram and onVimeo.

Florencia Alvarado on Fluide Blog

Tell us a little bit about your work and your creative process

My creative process is very influenced by music, lyrics, language, and appropriation from things that are all connected in between. My work is absolutely autobiographical, so as a queer woman there are many things that you can see there. Some of those things are related to questioning the feminine self and today’s understanding of feminine gestures. What is the feminine/masculine/androgynous today? What are the objects that surround us that are connected with the feminine identity, or the masculine?

I’m interested in understanding human interactions, such as affection, solitude, human relationships, abstraction. All of those perspectives come from a very personal angle. I love being a queer woman/artist/emigrant.

Florencia Alvarado on Fluide Blog

Have you always known you would become an artist?

My father is an artist (painter, drawer, poet, printmaker) and my sister and I started taking art workshops when we were children. I started exhibiting my work at age 17, and the rush and excitement of sharing and editing my worked started around that age.

Florencia Alvarado on Fluide Blog

What is next for you? Do you have any hopes, dreams, plans you are excited about?

I have a lot of dreams (I'm a Pisces!) I want to make a printed publication, get more into video and have a solo show in the near future. I’m starting to work on a new project related to ideas about the appropriation of images and mixing them with my own production of photographs. Graphic design will play an important role; the topic is affection.

Florencia Alvarado on Fluide Blog

Whose look inspires you?

Musicians like Annie Clark/St. Vincent, Patti Smith, David Bowie, and Nick Cave are iconic and timeless. I love to mix genres and styles — like Caribbean with androgynous, or hip hop with nouvelle vague cinema/30s classic look. Is that possible?

Florencia Alvarado on Fluide Blog

What is your favorite makeup look?

I adore lipsticks. Different tones of red are my signature.

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