How to Read Your Aura

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So, you have some of free time — more than usual, these days. If you’re sick of doing the same activities, using the same makeup, and being vaguely stressed all day, we have a few suggestions—some aura-related suggestions

Reading auras can be grounding, a technique that helps manage anxiety. If you’ve ever done your makeup to cope with stress, well, you know a thing or two about grounding yourself (and uh… same here.) Reading your aura is all about centering your energy, self-actualizing, and paying full attention to you—a self-care practice that can be especially powerful during stressful times. 

With the re-release of our Aura glitters, it’s truly never a bad time to learn a new trick. So take a few deep breaths, apply a swift swipe of glitter (not required, but highly recommended) and let’s get to it. 

photographer: Lia Houchens

What is an aura? 

An aura is an energy field that envelops our bodies and is part of the essence of our beings. To detect an aura, you first must connect with the energy inside you. Are you feeling calm? nervous? bored? How are your emotions reacting with your inner self? For most of us, it’s not easy to see an aura. First you must begin to train your eyes. Before you even begin, it’s important to start with an open mind and self-trust. Don’t doubt your senses, and follow your intuition. 

How to see an aura 

First, it’s easier to view or sense these energy fields in our peripheral vision. Choose a colorful object or a point in space with a neutral background, and allow your gaze to fuzz and soften, looking at it unfocused. This is the technique you’ll use to detect color, building up from objects to plants, then others, and finally yourself. Slowly, you will spot a sheer 12 - 18 inch border of color around the object. Once you’ve got this down, it’s recommended that you move onto plants, which attract more energy. Practice a few times before moving onto people. 

When you’re ready to read a person, place them against a neutral wall. It’s important to make your subject comfortable, so have them relax and maybe play their favorite music. This may seem kooky—but you’ve gotten this far—ask the aura to reveal itself to you. 

Keep your eyes on the wall more than on your subject. Wait to see colors just as you did with plants and objects, but once you sense them, ask your subject to move around a bit. This will help ensure color accuracy. Once you’ve built up some skill, you can finally practice on yourself. This technique is different and somewhat lengthy, and since we’re not spiritual experts, here are some resources to help you.

photographer: Lia Houchens

What do aura colors mean?

Our aura is not all one color or one vibrancy. Bright colors typically point to someone being more spiritually aware and well-rounded — whether that be through practicing yoga, reading tarot cards, or even eating healthy. You may feel colors rather than see them. Trust your gut and go with it! Aura flares, clouds and colors can be interpreted in many different ways, much like dream interpretations. These are also easily searchable and may or may not throw you into a rabbit hole of inspirational color research.  

Okay… Now what?

Makeup is often tied to emotions, whether we notice it or not. Being more aware of your aura—which at its core, is your energy and wellbeing—is key to helping you get through not only the next few weeks, but any difficult time that can make you feel less like yourself. Listening to how you’re feeling will help you process any unresolved emotions and even help get those creative juices flowing. And that’s on mindfulness, babe! 

Looking for more ways to express how you feel through ethereal and mystical colors? Match your aura to our new aura glitters. Try our bright violet in Moondust, our classic Silver, our rainbow and gold in Galactic and our turquoise blue in Eclipse. 

Model: Cole Tipton (@cole.tipton)
Photographer: Lia Houchens (@that.queer.photographer)

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