The Makeup "Hobbyist" Who's Taking Over Your Feed

Sarah is a go-getting barista by day who loves to do makeup in her free time. You can find her work exclusively on herInstagramwith a Youtube channel coming in the near future!

What is inspiring to you right now -- other makers/artists/musicians/ideas/cultural trends?

I spend most of my days working at a small family owned coffee shop which doubles as an art gallery! Since I am surrounded by such beautiful and interesting pieces, a lot of my inspiration comes from just hanging out at work. I'm also inspired by a lot of music, especially one of my favorite bands, The Cure.

Was there a moment in time when you realized you were an artist?

There was never really a definitive time where I discovered that I was an artist. I personally believe that everyone is creative and anyone can be an artist, but you can really progress with a lot of practice! It was a long process of trial and error for me and lots and lots of practice. You just got to want it.

Why consider yourself a makeup “hobbyist” as opposed to an “artist” if what you do still classifies as art?

I consider myself a makeup "hobbyist" as opposed to a makeup "artist" because to me, those two terms mean different things. Makeup as a whole is an art form for everyone to express themselves. However, I feel that to be a makeup artist involves a lot more than I am capable of; including applying makeup on others, foundation matching, what products and application processes are best for different facial structures/skin types and tones etc. Since I only know how to do makeup on myself (for now!) I describe myself as a hobbyist so as not to confuse people.

How would you describe your makeup looks in general?

I never really stick to one style when it comes to my makeup looks, but if I had to describe them as a whole I would say "casual goth" or "gothic glam".

What are you hoping to achieve through your work?

I really only started my account on Instagram as a way to keep all of my cool/artistic makeup looks in one place and I really never expected anything to come out of it, but I'm so thankful it did! I'm hoping to achieve a chance to really get my name out there and possibly become an influencer. I also would love to continue to learn more about different makeup techniques and the beauty community as a whole!

How has your makeup evolved over the years?

My makeup style has evolved so much over the years, I started out getting more serious and creative with my makeup in high school. Since then I've been practicing and creating non-stop. I used to only do my makeup to make myself look "pretty" and I would be too afraid to think outside the box, but now it's a way for me to express myself. For me, now, the sky is the limit.

How would you like to see the beauty world in five years?

I think we can all agree that we would love to see more inclusivity in the beauty community but I would also love for the consistent nonsensical drama within the beauty community to just stop. I feel like it gives the community a bad name and it makes everyone look so catty and ridiculous. I feel that there is no need for so much negativity in a community that’s meant to lift each other up. 

What is next for you? Do you have any hopes, dreams, plans you are excited about?

I have been really trying to challenge myself lately! I looking forward to creating makeup tutorial videos on YouTube and other beauty related content. I'm an extremely shy person so I'm hoping I can start to overcome that when I put myself out there more and start challenging myself. But overall I just want to continue to use this outlet as a way for me to express myself, to learn and to just have fun with it.

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Angel Dubridge

Angel Dubridge

June 28, 2019

So beautiful and inspiring. Thank you
My beautiful daughter ❤❤❤

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