St. Patrick’s Day: Green and Gold Makeup

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Whether or not you are Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday to get dressed up and put on some green and gold makeup.

You may think that St. Patrick’s Day makeup looks are kitschy, but we have a few styles to try that are creative and fun and not just painting on a shamrock. We divided them up so you can wear one, two, or even all of them together!

Draw in abundance and attract a pot of gold with these green and gold makeup looks. 

1. Green Eyeliner

A fun way to add a hint of green to your makeup look is with green eyeliner. You can go for a simple green cat-eye wing for a spark of flare. If you want something more daring, try a graphic liner with negative space. 

To create negative space eyeliner, begin by creating a classic wing. Then, bring the tip back up into your eyelid crease. You can keep it as a small edge or you can pull it into the inner corner of your eye.

For even more detail, add a line of dots under and around your graphic liner. If you want to add gold to this look, you could line your undereye area with gold liner or pat some on in the inner corner.

2. Gold and Green Smokey Eye

Green and gold eye makeup is classic for St. Patrick’s Day, and you can create it with just two shades from our Otherworldy Palette

To make a smokey green and gold eye look, start by applying your green shade around the outer corners of your eye and slightly into your crease. Blend in a circular motion until it covers at least half your lid. It should look like a gradient of color. 

Once you have the base down, it’s time to apply some gold. Take a compact, short bristle eyeshadow brush, or using your finger, take some gold pigment and lay it over your eyelid. Once you’ve laid the color down, take the eyeshadow brush you used to blend out the green and gently blend the gold and green so that it’s seamless. Finish it off by dabbing some gold into your inner corner. 


3. Gold Highlighter

Strobing some gold highlighter offers a nice subtle glow to your St. Patty’s makeup look. It’s also buildable if you want more or less shimmer!

First, select the high points on your face where you want to apply. This can be the tops of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, above the brow bone, or wherever you want to add highlight. Next, apply a balm so the glitter has an adhesive to stick to.

Then, take a fluffy brush and dip it into a loose glitter and begin gently tapping the glitter to your high points. You can add one application for a hint of glitter, or apply several layers for more drama!

– – – 

Combine these looks for a fun night out, or just use one or two for a fun day party. 

What are your St. Patrick’s Day plans? Tell us in the comments!

Written by Julia Pincus, The Beauty Mark Writer

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