The Influencer Sent From The Heavens: Starangel

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Brianna, AKA Starangel is a pastel icon from a small village in upstate New York. She expresses herself through her colorful and eye-catching clothing and is often referred to as a rainbow girl, sunshine girl, and fairy princess and she loves it. You can see more of Starangel's unique style of herInstagram.

Where do you find most of the clothing you wear?

I do a lot of online shopping! I find so many things on Aliexpress from clothes to accessories to room decor and cute stationery! I also look for clothes on Amazon, eBay, and Depop. My favorite store to shop at in person is Forever 21. Some of my favorite small businesses are Bonne Chance Collections, Cotton Candy Apparel, and Nikki Lipstick.

When did you find yourself becoming interested in the sweet, pastel, kawaii things?

I've always loved pastel clothing as well as colorful things. One day, about three years ago, I wore an outfit that was made up of a pink sweater with pale faded jeans and minty colored keds-style shoes with pink laces. I felt like a piece of candy and I loved it so much! At that same time, I was becoming really interested in colors and the effects they can have on a person and I started to do my own kind of color therapy. After a short period of time, I decided to stop wearing dark colors altogether because I preferred the light, happy energy that colorful pastels bring. I started searching online for more pastel items and eventually discovered that there are entire communities of people who love pastel fashion. Of course, many of the inspirations I discovered were from Japan and I started to see how so many people of all ages who enjoyed collecting toys and dressing in color. That culture inspired me, even more, to do what I love no matter what.

What inspired you to be an enormous ball of pastel colors and sunshine?

My discovery of colors' energetic vibrations and what they made me feel inspired me to use colors as a form therapy to keep myself feeling calm and happy. I also practice meditation which keeps me positive and balanced. What inspires me the most is the sky and the wind. When I look at the sky I feel peace and wonder. It can be a starry night, a pastel sunset, a lightning storm, or a rainbow in the blue sky. When I feel the wind blow through my hair and watch it dance with the flower petals, I feel free. My style is a link to what makes me happiest in life which is why I love to wear clouds and pastel rainbows. I've found what I truly love and what makes me happy so I want to inspire others to do that as well.

Why do you think most people choose to dress the way they do? Is there always a deeper meaning behind the clothing?

I think there is always a meaning behind the way people dress. For each person, there's a different meaning.

What do you think is the hardest thing that comes with having a presence on social media?

I started out posting about whatever made me smile with hopes that I could inspire people in some way. Now that I have inspired so many people, I feel pressured to post regularly and make each post amazing which can be really difficult sometimes. I sometimes feel like nothing I create is good enough for all these followers. So, I have to remember to do it for fun, and if I'm not having fun, I take a little break.

What do you do to stay happy and positive during hard times?

I accept the negative emotions that I sometimes feel and understand that they will pass. I don't suppress them and tell myself to be happy, I let myself be sad, and then I feel better faster because I can let go of things more easily. Meditation helps a lot with this. I also believe that everything happens for a reason and that there is always something to be learned and gained from any situation whether positive or negative.

What celebrity (if any) inspires you and your wardrobe or has a similar style to you?

Ariana Grande is my style icon. I actually saved outfit pics of her on Pinterest for style inspiration years ago before I even knew who she was. I love her fur coats and fuzzy sweaters and cute skirts with heels.

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