Summer Makeup Trends Your Eyelids Will Love!

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With a bright blue sky as a backdrop and your backyard as the location, quarantine photoshoots are embracing the outdoors and inviting color to play. Summer makeup trends are as bright and playful as they have been in years, maybe as a rebellion to the dark external news cycle or just as unabashed self expression. Either way, we are living for these breezy looks and taking some serious notes. The best part is that you don’t need to be a professional MUA to pull off these looks in the least—it’s all about you, baby! Use these trends as inspiration for your next look and give it your own twist. Tag us (@fluidebeauty) in your looks on Twitter and Instagram, too! 


Glitter Graphic Liner 

We’re laying down the line—this is the most coveted look of the summer. Not only is it impactful, creative and unique, but it can be interpreted in so many different ways, from abstract line-work to full on surrealist art. Go classic cat-eye, or use your eyelid as a DIY coloring book. Our favorite products to use here (big surprise) are our colorful Universal Liners

Photo Credit: helloyna



These subdued colors are punctuated by their pigmentation, making them the perfect cross between neon and pastel. Great for flowers, more graphic liner (I know, we can’t get enough!) or as a soft powder pop. You can accent this look with a holographic twist or go matte. For a DIY spin, mix lip colors and use a fine brush to create detailed lines, or buff with your finger for a natural gradient.

Photo Credit: @neonmua


Angelic Glitter Halos 

This eye trend is being used across cottage-core Tik Tok and MUA Twitter, and it's as angelic as it is simple. A little glitter goes a long way—simply apply your shimmery pressed powder or holographic gloss (our Universal Glosses are ideal for this one) over your eyelid and follow up with a bit of loose glitter. Whether you go for a natural glow or full coverage with your base, this look brings out some legit inner beauty. 

Photo Credit: @twoheadedcat


The Inner Corner Color Pop

Speaking of inner beauty… This takes it much more literal. Accented inner corners are another insanely popular eye trend this summer. It works with virtually any colorful product you own and only requires a bit of blending. This look opens up your eyes and attracts all the attention to your facial features. Pair this look with some long lashes and a glossy lip for a simple interpretation, or mix this trend with other looks, like glitter liner or neo-pastel accents.  

 Photo Credit: @alexisayochok


Statement Under Eyes 

This look is all about thinking outside the lines—the waterline, that is. This look really opens up your eye and portrays a mysterious yet whimsical look. Smoke it out with as many colors as you’d like. This month, rainbow was all the rage (obvi) so whether you’re packing one bold or seven vibrant colors under your eyes, the sky's the limit. Pair this with some graphic liner, color-coordinating freckles or a matching lip. 

Photo Credit: @prissplastic

You don't have to follow these trends verbatim—and we kind of know you won't! Share your out-of-this-world looks with us over Instagram and Twitter and let us know how you interpret these trends. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next person featured on our blog, Instagram or Twitter *wink*! 

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July 09, 2020

Love it all but I get a bit nervous putting color on my eyes l also wear glasses.

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