Top 5 Summer Makeup Trends for 2022

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With the weather warming up, it’s not too early to start thinking about makeup looks for summer.

Here are the top five summer makeup trends for 2022.

summer makeup trends 2022


  1. Statement Blush

Statement blush has been a big hit this year, and we think it’s here to stay for summer.

Want dimensional blush? Try the ombré blush trend from TikTok and mix two colors. Or, try switching up the shade of blush you use. Purple cream blush is one of our favorites this year, and we recommend trying it. Another trend is using the same shade for both your eyeshadow and blush. Take the color you used on your lids, extend it to your temples, and curve around your cheeks for a summer fairy look.

Fun fact, our Liquid Lipsticks can work as a blush too! For an ombré blush, try combining our lipstick shades Babetown and Ginger’s for a rosy, sun-kissed look. For a purple cream blush look, mix our lipstick shade Poodle Beach with your SPF or moisturizer for a shimmering purple.


  1. Gloss, Gloss, Gloss

With the revival of early 2000’s trends, shiny, plump lips will be a big summer makeup look. 

Add a subtle shine to your lips by dabbing lip gloss over your lipstick. Try using our Liquid Lipstick shade Therapy with our Expansion Lip Gloss for a light pink glossy look. For something brighter, try our lipstick in Babetown with our Spectrum gloss for a bold style.

If you want the glossy, hydrated, plump look, you can try one of our transparent glosses or just use our Universal Balm! Never underestimate the power of a hydrating lip balm to provide you with luscious, plump lips. Plus, our Universal Balm has shea butter and sunflower seed oil, which help hydrate and protect your lips all day long.

  1. Do the Dew

Dewy, healthy-looking skin, also known as the "glazed donut" look, is the best foundation for summer. 

Our Universal Balm will give you a perfect dewy glow and hydrate your skin. After your skincare routine, apply our balm to the high points of your face for a subtle glow. Want to take it a step further? Try our Universal Gloss in either shade Roxy or Elysium for a shimmering glow. Or, try our shade Jupiter for a dewy golden makeup look.


  1. Color Pop

Whether bright neons or romantic pastels, adding a pop of color to your eyes will be a big summer makeup look.

Our Universal Gloss in Marz is a beautiful deep berry red that's perfect as a soft eyeshadow or sharp liner. Our Universal Liners are also a great way to add a hint of brightness. Make a classic wing, or go for full geometric designs!

If you want to use classic eyeshadow, our Otherworldy Palette is full of bright shades. We recommend using shades Blood Moon and Stellactic together to create a sun glow look.

  1. Shimmery Nails

Sparkly, shimmery nails will make a big statement this summer. We are so excited to share with you that we just launched two brand new shimmer nail shades that will be perfect for summer. 

We have added a metallic deep copper shade called Desert Dawn to our collection, and it’s perfect for your desert adventures this summer. We also added a galactic shade called Starquake for those stargazing summer nights. 

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What summer makeup looks are you looking forward to? Tell us below!

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