Try These Spring Liner Trends!

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If you’ve purchased any galactic and/or universal-themed beauty items of recent (hmmm,don’t know what that could be…) you may be on the search for some shiny new trends to give a go. After all, the inspiration is as endless as the void, and we’re always happy to provide some direction. These makeup looks are trending for spring, so you can feel your best self as you frolick from park to café to backyard. And, as always, these easy spring makeup trends are colorful and versatile, so any one with any expertise can achieve a look that belongs among the stars. PS: don’t forget to tag us onInstagram and twitter so we can see your gorg looks for ourselves! 


Comet Eye

Smokey eye but way cooler. Involves sparkles. All about drama. A shining star dances across your eyelids in the form of Universal Liner, leaving a trail of stardust (aka Universal Crayon or other shadow of choice) in its wake. The best thing about this trend is that you may go as big or small as you please: Take it from the inner corner to the temple, or just from the outer corner to the hood like a regular cat-eye. 







Outer Orbit 

This look goes above and beyond, literally, by extending typical eye makeup to about 1.5 times its size. Overline your regular eye look towards the brow, cheekbones and temples, bringing all that centralized color out and up. Outline your look with some liner—bonus points if you use a universal liner for some glittery definition.  







Ultra-light beam

The spotlight’s on you, babe. No, it’son you. For real, it’s on your eyelids!!! Glitter is a great way to play with light and dimension, which makes this look pop. Instead of dabbing a spot of highlight into the inner corners, why not brighten up the whole region? Use a universal liner to create two brilliant beams of light extending from your inner corner to the brow following the bridge of your nose. 










Negative space

Okay, by this point we’re all aware of the 60s eyeliner trend, and we’ve even talked about ithere. However, this creative variation relinquishes itself from the unspoken rule of symmetry and utilizes negative space, creating an entirely new, and quite editorial look. The left eye defines the bounds of the look with some sparkly linework, aka the negative space, while the right fills in the blank. If you don’t have rhinestones on hand, use (you guessed it) universal liner. 








Star power 



Stars have overtaken the beauty industry in forms of stickers, stamps, crystals, and drawn-on shapes. With this trend, you can choose how maximal you’d like to go, from a subtle twinkle to  rainbow road. Use a liner to draw on your night sky, or use some stick-on stars and enhance it with glittery dots and spots. 

Feeling inspired? Enhance your spring makeup looks with our four newest shades ofUniversal Liner: Pyrite, Argon, Onyx, and Magma. We hope you like them as much as we do!

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