We Are Fluide x Janelle no. 5: Themme Fatale Palette

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We are so excited to share that in a collaboration with vivacious NYC entertainer Janelle no. 5, we are launching a new eye palette: Themme Fatale.

These dark and sultry shades are perfect for bringing out your sexy side, and we cannot wait for you to try them!

We sat down with our very own creative director, Dev Doee, to dive into the creation of this palette! Keep reading to get all the details.


What inspired you to tap into this darker feminine energy with this palette?

This was a true collaboration between We Are Fluide and Janelle No. 5. She really wanted to switch up our vibe and take it in a darker and sexier direction than anything we’ve done before. We were inspired by leather, lace, and the idea of the “Themme Fatale” which is a play of Femme fatale. 

Can you speak to the collab process with Janelle no. 5?  How did this collab come to be? 

I’ve been fortunate enough to work pretty closely with Janelle No. 5 this past year as a fellow drag performer, and I’ve always been really impressed by her work ethic and creative direction as an artist. I knew she would come up with incredible ideas. I’ve always wanted Fluide to work with a drag artist because they have such a wide knowledge of makeup artistry. I asked if it was something she would be interested in and the rest was history! 

The vibes of this palette are definitely sexy! Can you talk about how to utilize personal sex appeal for empowerment? What advice do you have for unleashing/getting comfortable with your personal sex appeal? 

I think like makeup, sex and sexuality can be tricky subjects for people. I think to really get comfortable with your own sex appeal, you have to get to know yourself and do some soul searching. I think drag artists are the perfect embodiment of authenticity and ultimate sex appeal. Nothing is sexier than knowing what you want and owning who you are! 

Now for the details! Who came up with the colors and the names? How did these 8 pigments come to life? What undertones or eye colors will benefit the most from these shades?

The creative process for this palette was really fun! All of the names were either created by Janelle or myself based on the phrases Janelle says every day. Some of the names likeQ4Q reference the name of her weekly shows (Queen 4 Queen) and others are her catchphrases likeGive it

In creating the shades, we wanted to make sure the tones are universally flattering and visible on all skin tones. The direction was more on the sexy side so we went with reds, purples, and browns. This palette is great for achieving a subtle daytime look or for a fierce night on the town. 

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Themme Fatale is available on our site now!

Written by Julia Pincus, The Beauty Mark Writer

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