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Glitter Addict Set

Glitter Addict Set

$105.00 $84.00

Love glitter? So do we. Take it to the max and save 20% when you buy our set of seven shades of dazzling glitters. The Glitter Addict Set includes the superfine glitters in SilverBronze, Gold, Blackout (black & silver), Electric Sea (blue) and our Silver Hex chunky hexagons, and dazzling, chunky Aura glitter, a show-stopping, prismatic combo of shapes and sizes.

Cruelty-free | Made in the USA.

Holographic and prismatic, our glitters are created from embossed and metalized polyester that reflects a rainbow of colors. A little goes a long way... our 15 ml jars contain approximately 8 grams of pure sparkle. Make sure it sticks all day long with Glitter Fix, our long-lasting cosmetic glitter glue.

Glitter Ingredients: Acrylic Polymers, FD&C Coloring, Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide, Titanium Dioxide, Aluminum Powder


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