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"'I think beauty will continue to be less prescriptive and more individualistic, less constrictive and more enjoyable, less obligatory and more playful.' And, that’s something that trend forecasters can agree on too." Read More >

Fluide in Paper Magazine

"Opening the initial samples, which came with postcards of folks systemically underrepresented in the beauty industry, Tobia says, the line felt 'celebratory, and glam, and vibrant and engaging and beautiful. And it feels like my community; it feels like the people I know.'" Read More >

"...our fave is the queer lipstick brand Fluide, because it speaks to the side of us that says gender-neutral doesn’t have to be gender-boring." Read More >
Fluide in Teen Vogue "It’s time to officially do away with holiday ad campaigns that adhere to an outdated notion of 'family.' You know the one: A heteronormative family of four cozies up in their immaculately-decorated living room in matching pajamas... This restrictive notion of family is exactly what queer-positive makeup brand Fluide hopes to dismantle with its first-ever holiday campaign, entitled 'Chosen Family'." Read More >
Fluide in BuzzFeed
"Queer folks have been using makeup to express themselves and their gender identity for a v long time – but the fact this beauty line exists and celebrates that expression makes my heart almost explode.Read More >
Fluide in Bustle
"While more and more makeup brands have a more diverse depiction of their client base in their adverts and social media accounts now, very few open up their idea of what inclusion is and feature men, gender fluid people, and different gender expressions and identities." Read More >
Fluide in V Magazine

 "As it turns out, all four hues look amazing in tandem, no matter the color of your skin." Read More >

Fluide in Vogue
"Perhaps most exciting? The line’s brand-new eyeshadow palette which comes in noisy neon shades of blue, yellow, green, and silver. That one is called Seeing the Future, which is looking bright indeed." Read More >


"In a world where transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people can feel understandably uneasy going up to something as public as a department store counter for makeup advice, this new corner of the industry matters." Read more >

Fluide in Allure Magazine

""'To be in a room full of empowered queer people with all sorts of beautiful gender expressions and identities... I walked into the shoot and immediately thought, ‘This is it — this is the kind of world I want to live in.'"  Read More >

Fluide in Nylon

"Fluide chooses to work with a diverse set of creatives ranging in race, size, gender, and more—whether for its campaign or as a part of the crew behind the scenes—the brand’s focus is on queer representation." Read More >

Fluide on Office Mag

 "Fluide is the makeup company that has gone where few have gone before... and thank God for that. A brand built on the idea of inclusivity, something that has been all too lacking in the industry... you want to look cute and cruelty-free, eh? Fluide is the way to go." Read More > 

Fluide in OUT "Writer and activist Jacob Tobia seems to have found their perfect match with a new line of makeup for all gender expressions." Read More >
Fluide in Mic. "...Jacob Tobia, a writer, model, activist and all-around phenom, recently starring in their first major beauty campaign for the new beauty brand Fluide, which often casts gender nonconforming models and also donates a percentage of all profits to organizations that support health and legal rights in the LGBTQ community." Read More >
Fluide in Bust Magazine

"Fluide, a new queer makeup brand, is bringing diversity to an industry that is narrowly marketed toward white women." Read More >

Fluide in Elite Daily


"Makeup counters are catered towards women, and anyone (man or woman) who is not a stereotypical girly girl may feel uncomfortable or intimidated. The brand features models of all genders, races, and sizes, clearly marketing their products to all consumers." 

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Fluide in BeautyMatter "Fluide is challenging gender norms and rewriting the traditional beauty industry. Using models of all genders and identities, the brand’s website declares their goal to create “an irresistible future where radical inventiveness & queer kinship thrives.” Read More >
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