Rep Program: We Are Fluide

What It Is:

At Fluide, we are creating a vibrant, inclusive community of makeup lovers. As a part of our College Representative Program, you will bring the queer beauty revolution to your campus by introducing your friends to Fluide on social media and through IRL sampling events and swag giveaways. 

How It Works:

In exchange for spreading the word about Fluide, you’ll earn an affiliate commission, free products, discounts for you and your friends, the opportunity to be featured on our social media and blog, and other perks. 

As a member of our College Rep Program, you'll gain access to our tight-knit community of makeup-loving college students across the country. 

To receive affiliate payments, college reps need to have a PayPal account.

Want to join? Apply here! We’re accepting new reps on a rolling basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the College Rep Program work?

Approved college reps are invited to join our affiliate network and will earn a 15% commission on all sales that they generate through their custom affiliate link. Friends and followers who shop using a Rep's coupon code will receive a 15% discount on their order. 

In addition to earning the cash commission on affiliate sales, reps receive perks and bonuses based on how many new customers they bring in, their social media activity and their IRL events. 

What are you looking for in a college rep?

Our goal is to bring together a diverse group of college students with different backgrounds, cultures, and identities who love makeup. Our reps are social butterflies who are connected with clubs and organizations on their campuses, active on social media, and driven by their desire to lift up their communities and celebrate queer beauty! 

From creating their own looks to promoting Fluide products on their social channels to giving a friend a bold lip and a sparkly eye before a night out, Fluide college reps should be confident and excited to share Fluide products. 

Reps should be active on social media with an engaged following (500+). 

And college reps have to be at least 18 years old. 

What is expected of a college rep once they are part of the program?

College reps will be shouting Fluide from the rooftops! We make it easy for reps to promote our brand and our products by providing logos, quotes, product info and fun images for reps to share on their social channels.

You will post about our products and promote your affiliate link on your channels several times a month, tag us in photos so we can repost you to our pages, engage with Fluide's content, and be an active member of our community chat group. 

You'll also host IRL events on your campus every semester, such as a makeover table at a campus party or dance, tabling at a campus event, or a "Get Ready With Fluide" makeup pre-game.